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Fundació Privada Santa Teresa del Vendrell

Fundació Privada Santa Teresa del Vendrell

Details of contact

Av. Santa Oliva, 20 43700 El Vendrell (Tarragona)
Tel. 977 66 71 11  -  Fax  977 66 54 33  -


At the Fundació Santa Teresa we work to nomalise social and working relations for those people with discapacity and/or mental illnesses in the Baix Penedés area of the province of Tarragona in Catalunya. We guarantee their active participation in the improvement of their own quality of life. Our strategy is based on growth for everyone within our organisation, encouraging continuous improvement and innovation from strategic planning and economic sustainability. We foster strategic alliances with other entities, administrations and companies, searching for synergies and contributions of mutual value.

Basic details

Geographical Area
El Baix Penedès
imatge transparent de farciment
People attended-Services
Total No. Employees
Employees with disability

Area of person care

  • Housing service
  • Occupational centre
  • Complementary social and work adjustment service
  • Occupational training. We carry out non-regulated training courses in gardening, industrial services and cleaning. Through the school of tourism we offer training in catering and tourism services.

Business Area (Special Employment Centre)

We have an integrated management system equipped with the following certification: ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18001. We have just implemented innovation processes and are developing the EFQM model. We work in four distinct fields.

  • Gardening: maintenance services and creation of garden areas.
  • Environment: cleaning of rivers and fluvials, forest maintenance, closure of municipal waste water outlets, green waste treatment, environmental awareness campaigns, etc.
  • Industrial: component assembly, packaging, labelling, shrink packaging, etc.
  • Maintenance of municipal buildings: maintenance of municipal facilities, assembly of marquees for municipal festivals.

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