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Fundació Privada Onada

Fundació Privada Onada

Details of contact

New:                                                                            C/Riu Llobregat, 10    CP 43006 Tarragona
Tel. 977 55 29 26  -  Fax  977 54 28 35  -


We are a non-profit social initiative that works to improve the quality of life of the most difficult people in the Tarragonès region. Our mission is to achieve the happiness of people with a disability and / or mental disorder, the elderly, their families and other groups with difficulties in finding employment, improving personal autonomy and quality of life, with active participation of each person, offering the support that every one needs, so that they have the same opportunities as the rest of the citizens and full social and labor integration.

Basic details

Geographical Area
El Tarragonès
imatge transparent de farciment
People attended-Services
Total No. Employees
Employees with disability

Area of person care

  • Support to professional activity.
  • Employment Services in companies
  • Support to home autonomy
  • Occupational Center
  • Pre-Employment Service
  • Training services
  • Territorial projects
  • Day-care centers (Santa Teresa only)
  • Leisure services
  • Family support service

*located in the cities of Tarragona and Torredembarra

Social enterprise (Special Work Center)

The Foundation offers to companies and administrations services for facilitating the employment of people with special employment difficulties, help to improve the Corporate Social Responsibility, integrating economic, environmental and social aspects. We apply a global management system for guaranteeing the quality of our work and the safety of our employees. We have the experience and flexibility to look for solutions and create new opportunities based on the different professional needs.

The Special Employment Center offers the following services:

  • Gardening, pruning and forestry
  • Cleaning and maintenance of spaces
  • Environmental services
  • Painting, road signs and maintenance of children's playgrounds
  • Industrial services
  • Work enclaves
  • Access control, reception and concierge
  • Event support
  • Parking management
  • Tourism services and restaurants


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