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Strategic Lines

Strategic Lines

  1. Guaranteeing person-centred attention, offering support which promotes the decisions of each individual and facilitates their participation in the community.
  2. Moving steadily towards excellence, promoting a process of continuous improvement and innovation with the active participation of employees and other collaborators. We focus our services on improving the degree of satisfaction of both internal and external clients.
  3. Guaranteeing preventative action to minimise work-related risks and harm to individuals. This means actively involving all employees.
  4. Maintaining a policy of environmental respect which minimises negative impacts and strengthens positive ones.
  5. Expanding temporary or permanent strategic alliances with other organisations in the fields of social economy, administration or business, always seeking synergies, co-responsibility and a mutual contribution of added value.
  6. Achieving sustainable economic growth for each entity, guaranteeing the economic viability of each project and service.
  7. Favouring the personal growth of employees as knowledge workers so that they are equipped to deal with new challenges posed.
  8. Putting our knowledge at the service of the development of socially responsible territories, moving forward together with all agents involved along with the co-responsibility of public administrations.
  9. Diversifying our services by defining them as attention to those with difficulties in work and social reinsertion, with special emphasis on people with disabilities, and their families.
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