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Fundació Aspros

Fundació Aspros

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Av. Madrid, 21   Altell 1a.    25002 LLeida


ASPROS starts its activity with efforts and sacrifices in 1962, being one of the first entities, even at national level, which was instituted in the field of direct attention to people with intellectual disabilities.


In the course of these more than 56 years of work, ASPROS dedicates special attention to the "Integral Service" that it develops, which is efficiently treated and also, in a special way in the activity of "Residential Care". This speciality is developed in Casa Nostra in Sudanell and in the urban homes located in the city of Lleida.


In January 2005, ASPROS is constituted as a Foundation. The entity has always been committed to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities and their families. Its work in favor of intellectual disability has been extended over the years to other disabilities such as: physical disability and mental disorder, among others. ASPROS currently serves more than 500 people and their families.


ASPROS Foundation is a reference for the promotion of awareness actions towards mental disabilities and, above all, a pioneer in the implementation of programs aimed at promoting the social and labor insertion of this group.

Basic details

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Área of attention to the person

Reception and Support Service: The Service attends to the demands of people in all stages of their lives and their families, listening to the needs and interests of people in order to offer them the service that can best accompany them and makes the corresponding follow-up. It coordinates all actions that are made to the entity aimed at families, promoting their involvement through cross-cutting projects and spaces for participation.

Residential Care Area - The objective and main activity developed by the area is the provision of a substitute service for the home, facilitating opportunities for independent living or covering a housing need. Within this area different services are offered depending on the needs:

- Specialized residences, the entity has three residences, two of them for people with disabilities who present behavioral alterations and require a specialized environment and professionals. And a third one for people with greater need of support.

- The Homes-Residences are the essential pillar of the Aspros Foundation's project and social commitment. It was initiated in the Complex "Casa Nostra" in Sudanell (Segrià) as a cornerstone of development and modernization achieved so far, creating in recent years, a wide network of apartments in the community, the "Urban Homes".

- Service of accompaniment in the Independent Life, offers specific and punctual supports that facilitate that the person can live in an independent way in their own home.

Day Care Area - Depending on the degree of autonomy of the people, they are oriented towards one of the day care services where, together with the accompaniment of professionals, their skills and abilities are strengthened. We have 4 Occupational Therapy Services, one of them in a rural environment and three in the city of Lleida, and two Insertion Guidance Services, from where, focused on the capabilities of people, different work skills are worked on.

Mans amb cor is a social handicraft project, integrated in the Insertion Guidance Service. It is an option to give different and original products with a great added social value. Ideal for celebrations or committed companies that want to give a solidary gift to their clients or workers.

Support Services in the Environment: these services are intended to provide services and support to people who help them to live in their private or family home if they wish:

- Rural transportation, allows access to people living in rural areas where the public transportation network does not facilitate access to occupational and/or training spaces.

- Family reconciliation: The service provides individual attention to people with disabilities from the age of 3 years, from the figure of support staff, are a help to the family.

- Personal assistance service: based on the attention of a professional who facilitates accompaniment and support for an autonomous life, either in personal daily life skills, or in the field of training, occupation or employment.

- Home care service, specific support at home in daily living skills and / or in everything that surrounds the tasks of a home and an autonomous life. Facilitating support and help in those aspects where the person needs a third party.

Mental Health:

The Pre-labor Service is a social service, complementary to those already existing in the Social, Health and Labor Network, which serves people with disabilities derived from a mental illness who are motivated to start a process of training and labor rehabilitation.

The general objective is, through an individual rehabilitation program, to ensure that the person assisted acquires, recovers and maintains sufficient skills to enable him/her to be inserted and maintained in a supported work activity (special work center, insertion company) or an ordinary work activity.

How we do it

The intervention to reach this objective is carried out both at an individual level and from rehabilitative workshops, unpaid, in which we work with an active, participatory and individualized methodology, which will try to influence both the characteristics of the user and those of their family, social and work environment.

In these workshops, it is not so much about acquiring technical knowledge, but its main objective is to achieve basic work habits common to any job.

The Incorpora program is a labor intermediation program of "la Caixa" Banking Foundation.

It was launched in 2006, and since then it has done nothing but grow. It is present throughout the national territory, even in some foreign countries such as Poland.

Here in Lleida the program is represented by 10 social entities, of which Aspros Foundation is the coordinating entity, which leads the group Incorpora Lleida.

The main objective of the program is to provide employment opportunities for people who are unemployed, with special emphasis on groups in vulnerable situations, and / or at risk of social exclusion.

We refer to: people with physical or mental disabilities, people with severe mental disorders, long-term unemployed, people over 45 years old, immigrants, young people, women who have been victims of gender violence...).

The labor insertion technicians in each of the mentioned entities work on individual training and labor itineraries with each person to guide and orient them in the whole process of job research.

On the other hand, we are also dedicated to business prospecting, in order to have job offers to intermediate our candidates.

In the end it is about finding the most suitable candidates for each job offer and to be able to give job opportunities, as well as providing a pre-selection service of candidates to companies, which is also fully funded by the Social Work, which means a 0 cost for the company.

Social enterprise (Special Work Center)

The objective of the Special Employment Center (CET) is the creation of stable jobs, adjusted to the reality of the market and oriented to the integration of people with disabilities. Through paid work, the aim is to achieve personal, labor and economic fulfillment.

The special work center employs 144 people with intellectual, physical or sensory disabilities. Services are provided to companies, individuals, municipalities and other institutions, public or private, in various fields:

Tecnosolucions - Custody work, digitalization, confidential destruction, periodic orders of documentation, etc. are carried out. The service is aimed at public and private companies and individuals.

Servilògic - Offers a warehouse management service: reception of goods, location, stock management and picking, handling work to condition the product, as well as the final phase of shipping, loading and distribution.

Parcs i Jardins - Gardening and environmental services for individuals, companies and public administrations. Construction and maintenance of new landscaped areas, reforestation, maintenance and forestry areas.


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