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La Fageda

La Fageda

Details of contact

Mas Els Casals s/n 17811 Santa Pau (Girona)
Tel. 972 68 10 10  -  Fax  972 68 10 08  -


La Fageda is a non-profit-making co-operative offering decent work to all adults in the area of La Garrotxa (province of Girona) who suffer from some kind of intellectual or mental illness but are able to work.

Basic details

Geographical Area
La Garrotxa
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People attended-Services
Total No. Employees
Employees with disability
Area of people care

  • Housing service: two residences located in the centre of Olot (a town in Girona province),
  • Occupational centre: Situated in the town of Santa Pau (Girona)

Business area (Special Employment Centre)

The co-operative carries out activities in the farming and livestock sector. Their various divisions serve all the job requests coming from the area, in four different fields:

  • Gardening: the green zones of the majority of the municipalities in the area.
  • Farms: with 500 head of cattle, we are the largest milk farm in the area. We have been awarded prizes for the quality of the milk and are governed by quality standard ISO 9001-2000
  • Nursery: 700,000 saplings for reforestation and countryside restoration.
  • Dairy manufacturer: with 30 million units a year, it is the third largest producer of Yoghurt in Catalunya. We make 15 varieties of dairy products and are the leading brand of farm yoghurt.

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