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Web-based work

The best way to generate synergies and take advantage of those which occur is through exchanges among our professionals. This, groups for reflection, analysis and exchanges have been put in place for the following areas:


Our staff in charge of communications have been sharing their work and are creating a communication space on the internet. This is a blog where member entities of Sinergrup publish news from each centre as well as that created by Sinergrup as an association. In addition, a virtual space has been created for all areas (‘workspace’) for the exchange of content (photographs, videos, articles, studies and so on).

The structure of the website has been decided and proposals from a variety of external collaborators are being considered. It is anticipated that the site will be online in October.

Analysis and development of new juridical structures

In one way or another, all Sinergrup’s centres are adapting their juridical structures to the new requirements. Due to their complexity, these structural changes create problems in various fields (economic, functional, fiscal, labour, etc.) which do not always have a single solution.

Exchange among Employers

All our employers have participated in join training initiatives (training days for the integration into work of people with mental health problems) and in other informative actions (a journey to Brussels to discover how European institutions work, with a view to our participating in their programmes) and in reflection.

We want the employers of Sinergrup entities to share training, reflection spaces and strategic vision, thus establishing links of trust and collaboration.  This is an innovative project in our field which will help us to consolidate ourselves as a group.


Our housing technicians have shared their experiences in the application of the new law concerning residential care as well as the start-up and development of a support model for autonomy at home which aims to optimise and guarantee the quality of an independently led life. A new impulse has been added through the exchange of reflections and experiences, and new channels of collaboration have opened in the field of leisure.

Gardening expertise

Gardening is a productive activity in which all members of Sinergrup participate. In this sense, the experts at our centres maintain an intense level of communication which has, this year, led to the development of a computer-based tool which allows them to improve planning for the production in the garden. The needs of each garden have been debated and commonly aligned and a supplier for the programme has been found. At present, the programme is being developed and phased in.

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