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External Relations

We try to have a presence in determined instances  in order to arrive at collaboration agreements or plan joint actions (Departments of the Generalitat, Councils, public organisms, companies, financial institutions, other entities and so on).

As examples of the most notable of these, we can highlight the collaboration agreements reached with the following entities:


Through a collaboration between INCASOL and Sinergrup, one of our centres has been able to develop an ecological agricultural project which it had been unable to initiate due to lack of suitable land. INCASOL has lent the land to Sinergrup so that the centre can bring this project to fruition.

Forestal Catalana

As a result of the collaboration agreement reached between Sinergrup and Forestal Catalana, the latter has agree to outsource, wherever possible, service for cleaning, flood damage repair and riverbank work to Sinergrup centres. It has also established a reciprocal relationship and preferential treatment in the arrangement between Sinergrup’s garden nurseries and those of Forestal Catalana.

Bufet Roca Junyent

We also have a collaboration agreement with the law firm Roca Junyent through which Sinergrup centres gain preferential treatment. As consequence of this, Roca Junyent has carried out consultancy jobs and legal representation for Sinergrup in areas where it was deemed necessary. It is worth noting the creation of a juridic study on the normative limits of positive discrimination in hiring people for public administration posts.

Incorpora Programme

Through the work carried out by Sinergrup, many entities participate in “La Caixa” Foundation’s Incorpora Programme. This has as its main aim the integration of people at risk of social exclusion in the mainstream job market.

Social Housing Network

Through the actions of Sinergrup, various entities also participate in the network of accommodation and the programme which the foundation Un Sól Món and Adigsa have established for this end.

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