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The Sinergrup association (group of entities with social synergies) is an entity grouping together 9 social and economic non-profit organisations whose work supports vulnerable groups of people, principally, those with mental health issues.

Sinergrup acts in response  to the perceived need to improve management of future challenges. It also bases itself on the belief that the best way to do this is by sharing values, analysis, knowledge and experience, in order to make the most of the synergies produced when these mechanisms for sharing resources are best implemented.

We started out on this path in 2004 with the aim of making a new development model available to our group of organisations – a model which facilitates individual and collective growth based upon the principle of shared mission, vision, values and strategies, allowing us to advance from independence to interdependence.

Area covered

At present, we cover the administrative regions within  Catalunya. However Any geographical reference would be indicative in relation to the activities of the association.


Advancing together towards excellence, developing synergies to guarantee the social and economic viability of our projects.


  • Developing ‘socially involved company’ models through a process of continuous improvement in the two keys areas of people and economy.
  • Being a benchmark organisation in the field of social care as well as in that of individuals in special needs groups, offering a model of joint development, mobilisation and generation of resources.
  • Being an opinion leader and influencer in all areas of activity, always fomenting the involvement of other social agencies and generating its own discourse.
  • Being generators and carriers of value in our field.
  • Actively seeking participation in projects in other regions from their roots in the same area.
  • Being a well-known and reputable brand-name as a model social company.


  • Shared vision
  • Commitment
  • Excellence
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Coherence
  • Pro-activity towards changes
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