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Services for people

Services for people

Infant development and early attention

We have at our disposal a centre specialising in infant development, which carries out a range of healthcare and preventative measures aimed at children from age 0 to 6 who show signs of developmental disorders or who are in situations of social, psychological or biological risk. The centre intervenes in cases of difficulties in child-rearing which may lead to alterations in the growth process. It also provides support for schooling in nurseries and pre-school groups as well as promoting prevention and the importance of a strong family.

Special Education

A special education school offering a range of services, resources and assistance connected to education and attention to children with learning difficulties. The purpose of L’estel is to strengthen as far as possible the development of childrens’ capacities and to prepare them to live as autonomously and independently as possible. L’Estel aims to become an essential centre for services and resources in special education for mainstream schools in the Osona area.

Occupational Therapy Services

These are regulated by law in Catalunya (Decreto de la Generalitat 279/1987, 27 August). It is a service whose principal objective is to offer its users individually focused programmes of occupational therapy services (therapeutic occupation and social and personal adjustment) with the aim being for each user, according to their capabilities, to be socially integrated to the maximum extent possible. This is done through integral daytime-based rehabilitation care. Target users of this service are those people with a temporary or permanent disability which prevents them from entering a company or a Special Education Centre.

Occupational Insertion Services – Pre-work services

Services where personal and social adjustment activities are carried out alongside pre-work sessions for those who are capable of work but have so far been unable to apply for or obtain a job in the SEC (Special Employment Centres) or in regular companies.

Occupational Training Services and Intermediation and Insertion in mainstream companies

Occupational Training Centres

Our centres act in collaboration with the Department of Work in the Generalitat de Catalunya, organising occupational training courses for people with disabilities and other collectives with difficulties of insertion. These courses are focused on finding the most suitable working opportunities in line with the abilities and capacities of those successfully completing the course.

Intermediation Services

We provide a variety of intermediation services for workers with disabilities. These include processing applications and providing professional orientation. In addition, they advise and assist companies in recruitment of personnel and the adaptation of people to their work positions.

Special Employment Centres (CEE)

In line with article 42 of the lismi, the principal aim of these centres is to carry out productive work participating regularly in market operations to ensure paid work and the provision of personal and social adjustment which their workers with disabilities require. Additionally, it acts as an integrating agency for the large number of workers entering mainstream employment.

Housing Services

Protected Housing

This service provides the users of STO and CEE with their own accommodation. These are reasonably priced, fully-equipped and shared with a group of companions as an alternative to the family residence. From the basis of respect for privacy and personal freedom, its intention is to enable welfare to the greatest extent, through personal development and participation in group life as a means of achieving greater social integration.

Support programmes for independent living

These services provide support for individuals with limited disability in the accommodation itself or in that shared by a small group, to ensure a good degree of autonomy in as normal a surrounding as possible.

Residences and Day Centres

Both establishments are aimed at those with mental disabilities requiring generalised support and whose condition may cause added health or mental health problems.

Family Support Services (Respite Support)

Temporary Fostering Service

This provides support for those with mental disabilities living with their families. It offers temporary stays with nearby families so that family members can enjoy a few days of rest.

Support and Companion personnel

This service offers the family personnel to assist their son or daughter in situations which they cannot manage themselves.

Leisure and Sports Service

Having time and space to address the leisure time of adults affected by disabilities is an important issue for us. We propose a different and alternative use of this time: a time for relaxation, yet also creative, participatory, liberating and communicative, offering time for integration into collective and cultural events in their surroundings. We thus strongly encourage all kinds of sports and holiday activities.

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